Useful properties of goji berries

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Not long ago, Goji berries became popular all over the world. In 2004, European magazines began to publish articles about their excellent composition and properties that help lose weight and get rid of cellulite. Other amazing benefits of this berry were also described, such as the ability to boost immunity, improve vision and get rid of cancer. Does this berry really have such healing properties?

In China, Goji berries began to be used for cooking and medicinal purposes a long time ago, about 3 thousand years ago. Goji berries were first used in Ningxia province, located in central China, as well as in Tibet and the Himalayas. And it is still widely used in Asian medicine. In descriptions of healing abilities, it is often called nothing more than the Berry of Longevity or the Berry of Health.

Reputable scientific sources report that clinical studies have recently been conducted on the properties of Goji berries. Many tests were done and the results were quite stunning. They confirmed the long-known miraculous properties of this plant, known since ancient times. What exactly are the beneficial properties of Goji berries? Here are some from this list.

1. Goji berries increase the energy potential of the body, increasing resistance to nervous and physical stress. Resistance to various diseases increases, and the recovery process can proceed much faster.Useful properties of goji berries

2. Eating goji can help restore and preserve vision, improve memory, and increase libido.

3. These berries will help cope with nervous shock or stress. They will add the missing energy, which will help you overcome any problem with ease.

4. The antioxidants contained in berries help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body and prevent clogged blood vessels.

5. Numerous studies have shown that goji berries can even prevent cancer. And all thanks to the same antioxidants that reduce the possibility of genetic mutation that can lead to cancer.

6. In China, goji berries have long been used in the treatment of diabetes. This plant helps maintain the desired level of blood sugar and insulin production.

7. Goji improves sexual function in both men and women by increasing testosterone levels in the blood.

8. Well, probably the most famous and pleasant property of this miracle berry is its ability to help in losing excess weight. Asian scientists have found that patients who consumed goji in the morning and evening began to noticeably lose extra pounds. The polysaccharides that goji are rich in help the body convert food into clean energy.

And this is not a complete list of the beneficial properties of goji berries. It is recommended to buy berries in specialized stores or pharmacies, because an unscrupulous seller can replace goji with completely different berries, for example cheap barberry.