How to make a masterpiece from an ordinary dish?

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How to turn an ordinary dish from organic food into a masterpiece? There are many ways. One of them is called carving. This is the name of the ancient art of carving fruits and vegetables. It originated in Southeast Asia, where chefs began decorating dishes with harmonious compositions of chopped plants.How to make a masterpiece from an ordinary dish?

In 16th century Japan, craftsmen created mukimono arrangements from leaves. However, if you believe the legends, carving appeared even earlier – in Thailand, in the 14th century. A local girl, Nang Noppamar, presented the king with a lamp decorated with a flower and a bird figurine. Both were carved from vegetables and fruits. The king was so delighted with the gift that he ordered all women to master this skill.

Over time, carving spread throughout Asia and then entered Europe. There, at first it did not gain much popularity, since European cuisine was already quite diverse. However, with the advent of restaurants, the need arose for spectacular presentation of dishes, and carving became popular.