Popular fillings for preparing rolls

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The most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine have long been sushi and rolls, which are one of several varieties of traditional Japanese sushi. The filling that is made for rolls can be very different. I propose to consider several options for popular fillings for rolls.

If you go to a restaurant with Japanese dishes or go to a website that delivers rolls and sushi, you can see how varied the selection of both sushi and rolls is. Why not make the same snack yourself?

Here are a few main types of fillings that are most often used to make rolls.

– perhaps one of the usual and favorite recipes: salmon fillet https://greenelly.com/ or eel, Philadelphia cheese or any cream cheese, cucumber, avocado
– flying fish caviar, Tomago omelette, avocado or fresh cucumberPopular fillings for preparing rolls

To prepare Tomago omelette, take 3 pcs. eggs, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, salt and sugar to taste, a little vegetable oil to grease the pan. Mix eggs and soy sauce, add a little sugar and, if the soy sauce is not too salty, salt. Grease a hot frying pan with oil and pour in some egg mixture. When the omelette is no longer so liquid and is slightly browned on one side, you need to roll it into a roll several times and move it to one side of the pan. Add the remaining egg mixture to the empty space in the pan, next to the resulting omelette roll, and fry until done. Roll the previous omelette roll in the opposite direction, grabbing the newly made omelette. And continue cooking until all the egg mass is used up.

– peeled shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber
– cucumber, wasabi
– Tomago omelette, cream cheese, eel
– cucumber, bell pepper, Philadelphia or other type of cream cheese, eel
– shrimp, avocado, salmon or salmon fillet
– tuna, avocado, a little wasabi
– sesame seeds, Tomago omelette, tofu cheese, cucumber
– smoked chicken fillet, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise
– crab sticks, cucumber, mayonnaise
– flying fish caviar, cucumber, salmon or salmon fillet (or tuna)

In addition to the suggested filling options, you can experiment and add your favorite ingredients! Happy rolls!