Tibetan recipe for cleansing the body: Rejuvenation is possible

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For more than one century, with the help of this unique recipe of Tibetan monks, atherosclerosis has been treated. This Tibetan recipe for cleansing the body appeared around the 7th century AD. However, he became famous in 1971, when he was discovered in an ancient Temple.

This Tibetan recipe for cleansing the body was written on tablets made of clay. Today, this method of preparing an anti-aging medicine is quite popular and is considered one of the best means that slows down old age and prevents atherosclerosis.

Therapeutic effect
The Tibetan recipe cleanses the body of lime deposits and improves metabolism. This tool:

puts in order the arteries, which become elastic;
prevents the development of such dangerous diseases as heart attack and paralysis;
prevents the development of angina pectoris, sclerosis and improves vision.

With proper preparation and application, the Tibetan recipe for rejuvenation of the body gives an effect in the shortest possible time.Tibetan recipe for cleansing the body: Rejuvenation is possible

Cooking method
350-400 g of peeled garlic https://greenelly.com/ should be chopped and crushed in a wooden bowl with a wooden pusher.
Weigh about 200-250 gr. of this mixture (take from the bottom of the dish along with garlic juice) and add to the clay vessel.
Pour into the vessel 200-250 ml. alcohol with a strength of 70 degrees.
Close tightly and clean in a cool place (in a cellar or basement) for 10 days.
Strain the resulting infusion through a fine sieve or gauze, squeeze out the cake and let it brew for another 3 days.
Taking medication
You need to drink the resulting drug along with milk (50 ml.). Get a notebook to write down the number of drops drunk and stick to the scheme:

You need to take the medicine for 10 days according to the “ladder” principle, first incrementally.
In the morning of the first day, use 1 drop, and then add a drop at each dose.
And so increase the amount of medicine until the end of the 5th day (it will be 15 drops).
Then, according to the decreasing principle: from 15 drops – “down” to decrease.
After 10 days, take the rest of the medicine 25 drops three times a day. You can re-treat no earlier than 5 years later.