Homemade protein bar recipe

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All contents used for protein bars can be obtained and prepared at home. Consider a blueberry bar.


2 egg whites;
100 gr. dry milk https://greenelly.com/;
5 st. l. grated cream cheese;
5 st. l. protein mixture;
70 gr. hercules;
1 cup blueberries;
1 banana;
less than half a glass of water.Homemade protein bar recipe

You can replace blueberries with other berries, as well as add raisins, grated nuts, etc. Improvise.


Put the cereal, milk and eggs in one plate, the remaining products in another and mix everything separately.
Then beat the total mass with a mixer and bake in the oven.
Due to the diverse composition of the products, each person can find a healthy delicacy to taste. It is not recommended to consume more than two bars per day. Those protein bars that were eaten before and after training will benefit.