Greek yogurt is a healthy benefit

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Many have heard about this dietary product, which has a lot of benefits. But what is Greek yogurt In this article, we will give the most detailed information and give 5 facts about the benefits of Greek yogurt.

1. It’s not just a dairy substance
Filtered Greek yogurt is not just a dairy substance. It is very different from the usual sweet yogurt. Greek manufacturers have introduced a process into their technological production that filters out excess water, lactose and minerals. This gives Greek yogurt a tart, creamy flavor and minimal sugar content. At the same time, the resulting acidity makes it easy to absorb other nutrients.

Traditional Greek yogurt in food packs is convenient and has health benefits immediately after adding it to your regular diet.

2. Nutrient content
Depending on the brand, yogurt can contain from 12 to 17.3 grams. protein.

A glass of classic Greek yogurt replaces the low-fat and fat-free foods recommended for three daily meals. People who are lactose intolerant will find Greek yogurt easy to digest due to its lack of milk sugar bacteria.

3. Protein power
Greek yogurt contains much more protein than milk. Here is what protein is needed in our body and what it affects:Greek yogurt is a healthy benefit


Protein is a substance that saturates the body with energy and delivers oxygen to cell membranes. Getting enough protein is important for the immune and nervous systems. It also controls the optimal fluid balance.

As we age, the body’s need for protein increases to maintain muscle. For adults aged 65 years and above, the required amount varies from 1 to 1.2 grams. per kilogram of body weight per day.

Greek yogurt is also a great source of protein for a vegan diet.

Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds to yogurt for more protein and fiber.

For an anti-inflammatory that will benefit your skin and hair, make spinach-based Greek yogurt. Just add to it:

Chees Feta,
lemon juice,
green onion,
olive oil.

Blend these ingredients in a blender or mixer, topping with crushed walnuts while serving. Use for breakfast as a spread on flaxseed bread or as a dressing for chicken breasts.Greek yogurt is a healthy benefit

4. Probiotics are a source of stability and happiness
Greek yogurt is full of probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that support the immune system and prevent indigestion. For example, diarrhea.

Beneficial microorganisms in the gut help keep you healthy. Without an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria from probiotics, harmful bacteria multiply and damage the immune system.

Stress and negative emotions can also cause stomach problems. The intestine sends signals to different parts of the body. UCLA Newsroom research has shown that probiotics also work on our brains. Other experiments have found that substances derived from probiotics reduce a person’s tendency to depression.

5. Calcium is key to maintaining health
Calcium is the key to building strong muscles and healthy functioning of internal organs. Without enough calcium in the body, children experience stunted growth, and adults have an increased risk of osteoporosis.

A serving of Greek yogurt contains up to 18.7% of the required daily intake of calcium. This is a useful product for adults and seniors who want to keep their bones healthy. It is also convenient for those who have trouble chewing solid foods.

To absorb calcium, our body needs vitamin D, which can be obtained from exposure to the sun’s rays.