Sports nutrition rules at home

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Compliance with these rules will achieve positive results:

Breakfast from is a must for a sports person. Choose the right recipe carefully. Listen not only to the opinion of experienced nutritionists. Learn to understand body signals. Sometimes a combination of foods can cause an allergic reaction or malaise. Consider this factor when drawing up a sports diet.
Eat sweets if there are no contraindications. At first glance, this will sound strange and is associated with growing fat. After each meal, allow yourself a small piece of chocolate (preferably black bitter) or a little marshmallow. The secret is simple: the level of insulin rises, which allows the body to fully absorb everything that was eaten during the previous meal. Just eat sweets not immediately, wait 45-60 minutes. But no way for the night.Sports nutrition rules at home
Uncontrolled use of sports nutrition lulls the will. A person becomes the sole controller of his food addictions, and sometimes you just want to relax and eat at night. This is a strict taboo. Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime. In case of severe hunger or a long break in food, some fiber, apples or proteins are allowed, which are easily digestible. Boiled fish or rye bread will do.
Consistency is the main factor that affects the result. It is not only about the amount of training, but also meals. You need to eat every three to four hours. If there is no way to cook, protein bars are suitable for a snack.