A simple method of cooking in a saucepan

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The easiest way to prepare this delicacy is in a saucepan. To cook juicy corn https://greenelly.com/ and please your family with it, just follow a few simple steps.

Remove the leaves from the cobs, clean them of strings and darkened grains, then wash them under a powerful stream of water. Take a pan for enough cobs and add enough water to completely cover the cobs.A simple method of cooking in a saucepan

After the water boils, add the cobs into it. Young corn should be cooked for no more than half an hour, while mature corn will take an hour. It is better not to add salt to the water during the cooking stage – the grains will become hard. Do this before serving.

Then place the cobs on a plate, let them cool slightly and sprinkle with salt, grind, and for added piquancy you can brush the corn with butter.