6 fat rivals

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These 6 fat rivals will improve your figure and add health! Fats perform different functions in our body:

improve the absorption of vitamins;
promote the production of hormones;
support the functioning of the nervous system.

The beauty of the skin and hair depends on their quantity and quality. Fats are the fuel for the cells of the body, which, like generators, continuously provide the body with energy and maintain body temperature.

On the other hand, some types of fats that enter the body with food can clog it with “bad” cholesterol. Here are 6 fat rivals that will help you avoid extra calories:

1. Thiamine (vitamin B1)
This vitamin helps the body process fat faster. Foods that contain thiamine:

cereals https://greenelly.com/;
wholemeal bread;
potatoes (only boiled or baked in their skins);

With a lack of thiamine, appetite worsens, problems with the gastrointestinal tract occur, and fatigue increases.

2. Calcium
Calcium has already been proven to speed up the fat burning process. On the contrary, the lack of calcium, on the contrary, stimulates the accumulation of fat. Dairy products are the most natural source of calcium. If for some reason you cannot consume milk, include fermented milk products in your diet. And if you have lactose intolerance, then the following foods rich in calcium will help you:6 fat rivals

green pea;
fresh cucumbers;
cabbage of any kind;

3. Capsaicin
This substance stimulates the acceleration of metabolism. Capsaicin is found in hot peppers. Its action lasts for 3 hours after eating, for example, chili pepper.

4. Chrome
This mineral is essential for the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Chromium reduces fat reserves, while muscle mass remains unchanged. Chromium Sources:

Brewer’s yeast;

5. Caffeine
Caffeine stimulates excess secretion of gastric juice, which speeds up the process of burning calories. A cup of morning coffee or green tea speeds up the metabolism. Natural caffeine dissolves fats.

6. Vitamin C
Participates in almost all processes occurring in our body. Vitamin C stimulates digestion, removes excess “bad” cholesterol and fights infections. Stocks of ascorbic acid must be constantly replenished. Eat plenty of citrus fruits and other foods containing Vitamin C:

rose hip;
sea buckthorn;