Kiwi fat burning cocktail

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Kiwi fat burning cocktail breaks down and burns fat accumulations. This is a healthy drink, which contains many nutrients necessary for the body.

You can make kiwifruit into a cocktail or smoothie.

Feel free to add berries, fruits, healthy syrups and other ingredients to your taste

Experiment because there is no limit to creativity in making healthy drinks.

The benefits of a kiwi smoothie for weight loss
This hairy fruit is recommended for those who want to lose weight. Eating kiwis burns fat during physical activity and reduces the risk of blood clots that clog arteries and cause a heart attack. In addition, kiwi neutralizes free radicals, slowing down aging.

One ripe fruit is enough to replenish the daily intake of vitamin C. In addition, kiwi is rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene, potassium and fiber. In terms of vitamins and minerals, kiwi is superior to the most consumed fruits, including orange, banana, pineapple and apple.

Kiwi is nutritious and low in calories
The main advantage of kiwi cocktails is their low calorie content and a huge amount of nutrients. A serving of such a drink contains no more than 200 kcal, and in terms of nutritional value it replaces one full meal.

A slimming cocktail will not help remove excess wrinkles at the waist and hips if you combine a drink with food. This only contributes to the set of extra pounds. To achieve the effect, the drink should replace a full dinner.Kiwi fat burning cocktail

Another plus is that fat-burning cocktails help to cope with beriberi and bad mood, which is important for weight loss.

Recipe number 1. Kiwi with kefir
kiwi – 1 fruit
kefir – 200 ml
lemon – one slice
mint – 2-3 sprigs
Peel the fruit and cut into pieces. Blend all ingredients in a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Recipe number 2. Kiwi with green tea
kiwi – 2 fruits
orange – 1 citrus
green tea – 150 – 200 grams
lemon – 1 slice
Citruses with kiwi peel and finely chop. Mix all the ingredients in a blender, adding green tea. If you use a peach or banana instead of an orange, then the taste of the drink will be softer and the consistency thicker.

Recipe number 3. Mango exotic
kiwi – 2 pieces
mango juice – 400 mg
orange (grapefruit) – 1 piece
This drink is able to speed up metabolism and improve the digestive process. It saturates the body with vitamins, removes toxins and toxins, and also strengthens the immune system. Beat orange and kiwi pulp until smooth and mix with mango juice.