Helpful nutrition tips

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It is not necessary to eat only carrots and lettuce. And don’t go hungry anymore.

You don’t have to completely cut out fats.
Do not eat only low-calorie foods.
You can not undereat all the time and torture yourself.
Do not believe in pills, teas and other dietary supplements for weight loss.

Instead of this:Helpful nutrition tips

Eat as much as you need to maintain normal energy levels. Just do not overeat, as this leads to the deposition of fat.
Eat the right carbs
Eat the right fats.
Drink enough water.
Work with dumbbells, barbells, buy weights – the main thing is to add weight.
Don’t focus on just one type of cardio exercise (like the elliptical trainer). Remember that there are many others.
Cut down on sugar.
Create a workout program. Not always what helped your girlfriend lose weight will suit you.