Can a vegetarian be a good athlete?

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Vegetarianism and sports are possible. There are many examples of vegetarian athletes who have high rankings. At the same time, they continue to delight the fans with high results. Can a vegetarian be a good athlete? Quite.

Mike Tyson
Robert Parish
Carl Lewis
Bruce Lee
Timothy Bradley
Muhammad Ali
Dan Millman
Rosalyn Sumners

And this is not a complete list of famous vegetarian athletes.

The myth of the indispensability of meat
Bill Pearl – a popular bodybuilder, athlete and trainer once said:

People refuse to believe that I don’t eat meat or fish. They still believe that meat is the base for building muscle. But this myth has long been shattered! There is nothing “magical” about meat that would turn a man into a champion! What people look for in a piece of meat is found in every other food.

The bodybuilder also confidently stated that the transition to a vegetarian diet helped him become a four-time winner of the title “Mr. Universe”. Bill noted that the body became obedient, light and relaxed. The athlete explains this by the fact that slags and unnecessary elements were released after refusing animal food.

Bill is not the only example of such a transformation. Great athletes have reported improved physical fitness after becoming vegetarians. Their results have improved many times over. These people reached new levels and did not believe it themselves.Can a vegetarian be a good athlete?

Vegetarianism is a good thing
Some people believe they are doing a good deed. Others decide to save. Still others follow a special diet because of fashion. But there are those who are confident in improving the health and strength of the body after giving up animal products. But is it really so? Can a vegetarian be a good athlete?

How to replace animal protein
To maintain such a frantic pace of life and even succeed physically, athletes adhere to a strict diet. We have to replace with other products the elements that are missing. Thus, vegetarian athletes exclude meat from the diet, replacing it with other protein products:

oils (olive, vegetable, coconut, linseed, hemp).


whole wheat bread,
durum flour pasta,
brown rice,
starchy vegetables,
soy products.

Thus, the old myth was dispelled long ago. Man does not need to eat meat to survive. It has already been proven that people are able to exercise hard and improve their performance without eating animal products.