Secrets of roasting meat on the grill and in the oven

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There are thousands of delicious and original meat recipes, be it pork, beef or lamb. Marinades, seasonings, the size of the prepared pieces vary – small, portioned, large, etc. But for each recipe or, in general, cooking method, there are its own secrets and rules. By trying to adhere to them, the result can be a truly tasty dish in which the taste, aroma, and consistency will form a single, unique symphony.

How to bake meat in the oven deliciously and appetizingly?

You can bake meat on a baking sheet, in a baking dish with a lid; it is also very convenient to do this in foil or in a sleeve. On our website you will find many homemade recipes with photos of meat, baked in large pieces, portioned or small.

Here are a few secrets that help you get delicious baked meat.

1. It is better to take young meat for baking on the grill or in the oven, and if there are films or tendons, you need to remove them.Secrets of roasting meat on the grill and in the oven

2. To make the meat juicy and not lose its juices, you need to salt it at the very end of the preparation process, if you bake it without marinade in its natural form. But if I cook it in a sleeve, then I salt it right away; in this case, the meat is simmered in its own juices inside the sleeve and it turns out very soft.

3. The meat should be at room temperature before baking, then it will bake evenly.

4. The meat will be very aromatic and juicy if you stuff it with lard, garlic and carrots and add your favorite seasonings and salt to taste.

5. Meat should only be placed in an oven preheated to 200 or more. It will form a crust and will not lose its juices. Then reduce the temperature to medium.

6. You need to know that pork and veal bake faster than beef and lamb. Also, the baking time depends on the age of the animal and the size of the baked piece.

7. It is preferable to use fresh meat for baking; it will turn out much juicier than frozen meat.

As for spices and herbs, various marinades, you can experiment endlessly! Cook, and don’t be afraid to sometimes change your usual recipes by adding new ingredients.