Salad Meals : Best Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

Salad Meals: Best Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

Healthy Salad Greens - What Are The Healthiest?

Salad meals should contain high protein in equal portion, here are some options for you. Study shows people consuming more fruits and vegetables have a 22% less chance of death compares to the people who don’t. An adult body requirement of everyday protein is approximately 56grams. So if you are a nonvegetarian, then it is not a problem for you as all animal products are high in protein. But in the case of vegetarians, there are also many plant substitute for protein. Vitamins and nutrients present in vegetables are essential for various health benefits. On the other hand, protein also builds muscle and protect body cells. So a balanced mixture of both should be an ideal diet plan.

Vitamins immensely help in controlling body weight, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Protein also protects the nervous system and hormonal balance. So an equally balances salad with green leafy vegetables and protein portion is ideal for a healthy diet. It also reduces the chance of sudden massive strokes or heart attacks. That means to live a long and healthy life, you must include an equal portion of both the goodness in your daily meal.

salad meals
Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

Some Options For Animal Products In Salad Meals

Chicken: roasted and rotisserie chicken goes well with any salad. Chicken is the preferable protein options for everyone. So you can always toss some smoked chicken cubes or portion of diced chicken for that delicious taste. They provide up to 25grams of protein per serving.

Turkey: it is another flavorful and easily digested protein option for nonvegetarian salad meals. You can use ground turkey meat or slice with the vegetables. Especially Red onion salad goes well with turkey.

Egg whites: This is the most affordable protein option all over the world in every socio-economic stature. It provides 6grams protein per egg, which adds up with every consumption. You can add some egg white cubes or a whole poached egg as the topping of your salad. 

These are nonvegetarian option; now lets narrow down some plant-based vegetarian options as well.

salad meals
Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

Some Plant-Based Proteins

Nuts: nuts are also high in protein, and they add that little crunch in otherwise leafy vegetables. All kinds of nuts such as almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, pistachios contain a significant amount of protein percentage. It will be a tasty option to toss your salad with a mixture of various kinds of nuts. It will surely improve the taste and texture of your salad.

Dairy products: dairy products such as cheese are also high in protein. But be aware as dairy proteins always come with a portion of fat. So, add cheese to your salad with that consideration. Instead, you can use some cottage cheese cubes or use yogurt as a salad dressing.

Peas and lentils: they are also an excellent source of protein. So you can throw in some peas or boiled lentils in your vegetarian plant-based salad.

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