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Start each morning with warm lemon water to jump-start your digestion and fill your body with antioxidants, including immune-boosting Vitamin C. While lemons contain natural acids that aid digestion, they are alkaline-forming. Once these acids enter the digestive process, they act as a cleansing agent to flush out toxins from the body. Other benefits of lemons include:

Vitamins E and B.
Minerals (magnesium and potassium).Lemon
Antioxidants (beta-carotene).
Most of the antioxidants are found in the peel of a lemon, so when adding lemon juice to water, don’t remove the peel.

How and with what to use lemons?
Add zest to sauces and soups.
Consume lemons throughout the day in drinks and salads (as well as salad dressings).
Add lemon to cooked vegetables and fish.