What should you preserve in July?

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In July, early berries ripen – currants https://greenelly.com/, raspberries, cherries. They make tasty and aromatic jams, compotes, and liqueurs. Also during this period, peaches and apricots ripen, which are excellent for canning. Many people like to dry apricots as dried apricots, then add them to baked goods and a variety of desserts. From mid to late July is the time for fermenting early varieties of cabbage.What should you preserve in July?

In July, young peas, zucchini, and cucumbers can already be harvested from gardens. Cucumbers make crispy pickled preparations, and zucchini makes spicy salads. In addition, the first tomatoes appear at the end of July. They should be salted and rolled into jars to get a tasty snack for the winter.