Drink of the Lords

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Around 3,000 years ago, chocolate, made from cocoa beans, began to be consumed as a hot drink. It was cooked by craftsmen from the Almec Indian tribe, who at one time lived in what is now Mexico. The visionary Mayans adopted the recipe for hot chocolate and called it a divine drink. Very soon, cocoa beans became the most popular currency, and they also began to be sacrificed to Ek Chuah, the heavenly patron of cocoa.

The taste of cocoa https://greenelly.com/ came to the heart not only of the Indian Gods, but also of the earthly rulers. The famous Aztec ruler Montezuma was a huge admirer of the drink. To please their ruler, loyal subjects supplied more than 40 thousand bags of cocoa beans to the imperial palace every day. And the court chefs created a special recipe for a drink made from cocoa beans for their emperor. They were lightly fried and ground together with the grains of young cobs. In order to sweeten and improve the taste of the hot drink, honey, agave juice and vanilla were added to it.Drink of the Lords

Without poetic legends, the history of the creation of chocolate would be incomplete. One of them tells about a simple gardener named Quetzalcoatl, who lived in Mexico. All his life he was engaged in growing luxurious gardens. One day an unsightly tree appeared in his garden, the gardener called it cocoa. The fruits of the exotic tree had a bitter taste and looked like cucumbers. Nevertheless, the drink prepared from them caused cheerfulness and drove away despondency. Thanks to the fruits of the tree, the gardener gained fame and wealth, which over time blinded and corrupted him. The gods took away his sanity as punishment. Quetzalcoatl, overcome with rage, destroyed his delightful gardens. Oddly enough, only one inconspicuous tree survived – cocoa, which, as before, continued to give people wonderful fruits.