How to serve cheese correctly

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There are certain rules for serving cheese If you plan to serve it as a dessert or gourmet appetizer, then you will need a large festive platter. You can use dishes made of porcelain, ceramics and even wood. It is important to lay out the treat carefully and appetizingly, following these rules.

Sliced hard cheeses are usually laid out along the side of the dish, crumbly varieties are placed in the middle, and soft ones are placed a little further away. Pay attention to the fact that cheeses of different varieties located on the dish do not come into contact with each other, different flavors should not mix with each other. Some chefs believe that in order for the cheese to better reveal its taste, it should be cut not into thin slices, as we usually do, but in the form of cubes. However, hard cheese with a long aging period has a dense structure because it contains little moisture, so you cannot cut it into cubes or slices. At best, you can grate it or chop it into pieces using a special knife.How to serve cheese correctly

A cheese plate is usually served with fruit; grapes, figs, apples, pears, prunes and raisins can be placed on the dish. Of course, you should not try to impress guests with an abundance of cheese varieties. If you plan to serve it as an accompaniment to an aperitif, then two or three types of cheese and a handful of crackers are enough. If the cheese plate is offered as a dessert, it can be more varied; a rich selection of cheeses with different tastes and textures is allowed on it. A plate of cheese must be prepared in advance, since the product must be at room temperature before serving.

Those who have not yet joined the “army” of admirers of such an amazing delicacy as cheese should appreciate it. By choosing among various types of cheese those that suit your taste, you will certainly fall in love with this amazing product.