Food of love: A list of aphrodisiac foods that increase libido

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What is love food, and how to increase libido with simple products? Valentine’s Day, March 8th, wedding anniversary… These are the days when romance is in the air, and the best way to celebrate the holiday is to have a romantic homemade dinner.

And if, in addition to this, you want to give your loved one the passionate pleasure of an unforgettable night, then you definitely need to know the culinary tricks that will successfully help in this enterprise.

What are aphrodisiacs?
Some aphrodisiac-rich foods are synonymous with romance. One of the reasons for such associations is the presence in them of elements and minerals that promote sexual arousal and endurance. Another reason is due to the similarity of their shape with the genitals.

It’s hard to imagine, but there is an opinion that asparagus has a phallic shape, and an oyster looks like a female genitalia. There is even an assumption that products that stimulate sexual desire are such because of their high cost, which in turn is already a great aphrodisiac for some people. Here is a small list of romantic foods that will help in love affairs:

Oysters contain a large number of aphrodisiacs and stimulate sexual desire. They contain high levels of zinc, which produces sperm, increases testosterone levels in the body, and boosts libido in both men and women. It has been scientifically proven that eating oysters can significantly support sexual activity in old age. It is also noteworthy that the smell of oysters is similar to the smell of female pheromones, and this is an exciting factor.Food of love: A list of aphrodisiac foods that increase libido

Champagne is associated with a sense of celebration and wealth, which in itself is an aphrodisiac for many. It has been proven that a small amount of alcohol reduces inertia and increases sexual desire. Bubbles of champagne, getting into the blood, make blood circulation active and the body comes into a state of warmth. Studies have shown that the smell of champagne, as well as oysters, is similar to the smell of female pheromones.

Note: The editors of our magazine are against any amount of alcohol and we do not recommend drinking it at all.

Chocolate is the food of love
Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. Even though pure chocolate is more effective, processed chocolates sold in stores are also effective. Pure chocolate contains anandamide, a substance that improves mental alertness.

It also contains phenylethylamine, which is called the “love chemistry” due to the release of dopamine into the brain’s pleasure centers. This can enhance the pleasurable feelings of orgasm. In addition, there is attraction and euphoria.

It is said that figs, when opened, look like female genitalia and therefore promote sexual arousal. By the way, Adam and Eve covered their genitals with fig leaves. A similar method of concealment is known in Greek mythology. For the ancient Greeks, figs were considered a sacred fruit, a symbol of love and fertility.

Another product that is considered a strong aphrodisiac. The content of several groups of B vitamins in honey contributes to the production of testosterone. It is also a source of boron, which helps the body increase levels of estrogen, the main sex hormone in women.