Food and drinks are the most important part of your holiday

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Perfect for grilling meat or fish, vegetables and fruits, cheese, sausages, bread, and confectionery. For drinks, it is better to take water, juices, and soft drinks. It is better to limit alcohol so as not to spoil the impression of delicious food and communication with nature.

What you need to cook barbecue
The main highlight of any holiday is, of course, barbecue. Cooking delicious barbecue in nature is a real art that can take years to learn. It all starts with choosing the right meat. Tender pork or lamb tenderloin, marbled beef or rabbit are best. The meat should be fresh, elastic, pleasant color and aroma. If you have doubts about the quality of meat in a local store, it is better to buy it at the market from a trusted producer.Food and drinks are the most important part of your holiday

The choice of meat is 50% of your success. It is important to make a good marinade. It will not only give the meat an exquisite taste and aroma, but also make it softer and juicier. You can add olive oil, seasonings, spices, lemon juice, tomato paste, yogurt, kefir, various fruits and even alcohol to the marinade. The main thing is to experiment and add ingredients to taste.

Note that shish kebab is not the only dish for an outdoor picnic. You can also grill juicy sausages, sausages, and bacon.

The main thing is to plan everything carefully, take everything you need with you and enjoy every moment of a wonderful holiday in the lap of nature. Let your picnic be remembered only by positive emotions and warm memories!