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This nutritious and dense leafy green vegetable is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and plenty of phytonutrients – carotenoids and flavonoids – that provide protection against free radical damage. Spinach fiber helps you maintain weight while staying full.

Spinach is also a cosmetic product. The high content of Vitamin C, which is necessary for the creation of collagen and vitamin A, contributes to youthful skin and gorgeous hair. But that’s not all the benefits of spinach, which also contains:Spinach

Vitamin K, which is good for strong bones and healthy digestion.
Magnesium, which is essential for chemical reactions in the body.
Iron, necessary for providing oxygen to tissues and performing other useful functions in the body.
Speaking of iron, iron absorption is enhanced when combined with foods containing Vitamin C. So the next time you eat cooked spinach, add lemon juice to the surface of the dish for optimal iron absorption.