What is plant milk made from?

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Plant milk https://greenelly.com/ is made from grains, nuts or legumes. It does not contain lactose, which is a major advantage for people intolerant to this milk sugar. In addition, according to doctors, plant milk harmonizes the gastrointestinal tract and is very beneficial for skin health.

Many people compare plant and animal milk, which makes a big mistake. It is not very correct to compare different products, because each of them is useful in its own way and has its own contraindications.What is plant milk made from?

It is highly recommended not to give up animal milk just because you feel like it – a doctor’s recommendation is required. Consumption of milk and fermented milk products with reduced fat content can be considered as a prevention of osteoporosis and vitamin deficiency.

Still, it is better not to give plant-based milks to children under 3 years of age. The fact is that it does not contain important ingredients – calcium and animal protein, which are so important for the growth of muscles and bones.