White or dark chicken meat?

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Chicken contains a high amount of protein and a lower concentration of fat compared to other animal sources such as beef. When we think of chicken, we often think of white meat. White meat, especially chicken breast, is a great addition for people on a low-fat, high-protein diet.

However, do not forget about dark areas. While white meat contains less fat, dark meat contains more iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins.

Chicken Benefits:White or dark chicken meat?

B vitamins

100 gr. skinless chicken breast provides 25 gr. protein and about 130 calories.

A piece of chicken without the risk of gaining excess weight
Skinless chicken breast is the best part of the chicken. It has fewer calories than other parts, but still provides a high level of protein.

Tip: Another useful part is the legs. They are close in protein to breast and only slightly higher in fat, but have more monounsaturated fats. Removing the skin from the shins and thighs reduces the fat content.