The history of soy sauce

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Soy sauce has an ancient history that goes back to the East. It is believed that it was invented in China about 2.5 thousand years ago.

One version says that the “copyright” for the creation of soy sauce belongs to Buddhist monks. Having abandoned meat, they found a complete replacement for it. As a result of experiments with soybeans, the unique culinary properties of fermented soybean paste were discovered.

The technology for producing soy sauce has been kept secret for centuries. It was only in the 17th century that Chinese migrants brought the sauce recipe to Japan, where it gained enormous popularity.The history of soy sauce

The sauce came to Europe in the 17th century thanks to Dutch traders and sailors. They borrowed Chinese technology and adapted the taste of the sauce for Europeans, making it less salty and harsh.

This is how soy sauce triumphantly traveled from Asia throughout the world. Over the centuries, its production technology has been constantly improved. However, the basis has remained unchanged – fermentation of soybeans, which gives the sauce a unique aroma and taste.