How to properly add cutlets to onions

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But there are several subtleties that only experienced chefs and real gourmets know about. What is the correct way to cut onions into cutlets or grate them, how to correctly calculate the proportions? Let me share these secrets with you.

Firstly, it is very important to correctly calculate the amount of onions To make the cutlets perfect, take 300 grams of onion per 1 kg of minced meat. No more, no less!How to properly add cutlets to onions

Secondly, you need to decide whether to chop or grate the onion. If you are preparing cutlets from regular minced meat, it is better to use a fine grater. This will turn the onion into a fragrant mush and make the cutlets incredibly juicy.

But for minced meat cutlets, only classically chopped onions are suitable. Cut it into small cubes or strips – whatever you like. And be sure to let the cutlets steam so that the onions become soft.