How to maintain weight after dieting

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But what if the weight comes back quickly? What should I do to avoid gaining weight again after dieting? The return of weight after completing a weight adjustment program occurs only if a person has dramatically changed his diet. For example, on one day he ate 2 kg of food. The girl, once again stepping on the scales, begins to think that she has suddenly gained weight. The next day she reduces the food intake to 1 kg. Doing this is strictly prohibited. This can lead not only to weight gain, but also to worse health consequences.

To maintain weight, you need to give up foods gradually. However, the program should not last for periods. A person simply composes his diet so that it is tasty and satisfying for him, but does not bring extra calories with him. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle:How to maintain weight after dieting

give up alcohol;
quit smoking.

You need to avoid sweets and fatty foods as much as possible. You need to add more to your diet:


The main thing here is to adhere to regularity, both in terms of physical activity and nutrition. Otherwise, the weight comes back.

Diet is not just about avoiding certain foods. If a person wants to lose extra pounds, he needs to radically change his lifestyle: be more physically active, give up bad habits, etc. Without this result it will not be possible to achieve. In addition, ordering and delivery of food may not be greasy and high-calorie, but fresh and correct.