5 ways to eat right

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To start eating healthy and improve your health, check out these 5 ways to eat right.

1. Hydrate your body
Dehydration sometimes causes problems with the body. Lack of energy, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, and cravings for sweets are signs of a lack of water. You need to drink enough water every day.

If you don’t have this habit, try starting every morning with a glass of water. Gradually increase the amount of fluid you drink. You will be surprised how much better you will feel if you follow this rule.

2. Work on yourself
It is impossible to eliminate harmful but favorite foods and start eating right overnight. It is a gradual process of changing habits and working on yourself. Start with one of the most harmful products, without which you cannot imagine life. Eliminate it from the diet. Over time, add to the list of forbidden foods all foods that should not be consumed.5 ways to eat right

3. Eat slowly
Eating fast is unhealthy and promotes overeating. Set aside sufficient time for eating and chew your food slowly. You will soon see that you are eating less.

4. Rule of the rainbow
For those who find it difficult to eat fruits and vegetables every day. Choose rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables:

purple (blueberry, blackberry https://greenelly.com/),
red (tomatoes, watermelon),
orange / yellow (zucchini, carrots),
green (cucumber, broccoli),
and white/beige (potato, cauliflower).
Eat one vegetable per day from each color. Thus, the body will receive the necessary substances.

5. Small plates
To eat right, watch the amount of servings. Instead of using large plates, try small or even bowls. This trick will help you eat less and eat better.