Almond milk

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As a healthy source of fat, protein, and nutrients, almonds do wonders for smooth, bright skin. It is high in the anti-stress component magnesium, which helps to relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and support a healthy digestive system.

Consuming almonds stimulates the body to protect itself from harmful free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease.

Almond milk

Vegan almond milk, non dairy alternative milk in a glass close up

When preparing almond milk, be sure to rinse the nuts to improve nutrient availability and ease the digestion process. If you don’t have time to make almond milk, try raw almonds. It is ideal for a snack between meals. In this way, you can avoid eating unhealthy fast food and other unhealthy snacks.

Almond milk is a good dairy-free, creamy, and delicious alternative to cow’s milk.
It is an essential ingredient for morning coffee.
Raw almonds can be tossed into salads or eaten with raw vegetables.
Raw almonds are an excellent source of protein.