Happiness for the people

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At the beginning of the 17th century, the plantations where cocoa was cultivated began to grow, therefore, chocolate https://greenelly.com/ became an affordable product for ordinary people. He very quickly won people’s love. For some time, France controlled his future fate. However, in 1659, David Chain opened the world’s first chocolate factory, and by the mid-18th century, private confectionery shops began to appear throughout France, where one could enjoy the aromatic drink.

Amazingly, until the beginning of the 19th century, chocolate was consumed only in liquid form. François Louis Caillet, a Swiss confectioner, came up with the idea of turning it into the familiar tiles that we love to enjoy. He was the first to produce solid chocolate on an industrial scale. Similar factories, like mushrooms after rain, began to open throughout Europe. Wanting to overtake competitors, confectioners tried their best to come up with their own signature recipes; for this they added candied fruits, nuts, dried fruits, various wines and even beer to chocolate.Happiness for the people

Thus, in 1875, Swiss chocolate entered the arena with its head held high, which over time became the standard. The recipe for its preparation turned out to be extremely simple – condensed milk was added to the cocoa mass. Another confectioner from Switzerland, Rudolf Lindt, came up with a special machine for rolling chocolate mass; thanks to this process, the product was thicker and more delicate.

Nowadays, the technology for making chocolate has not changed much, but the volumes have reached cosmic proportions. The annual production of the delicacy is more than 4 million tons. The variety of types of chocolate cannot be counted; this number is constantly replenished with new extraordinary ideas.

A chocolate bar, as before, remains the best way to overcome a bad mood. Even extra calories can’t overshadow the magical feeling of euphoria from a melting slice of delicacy in your mouth!