Tofu cheese is a source of vitamins, amino acids and protein

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Tofu cheese contains amino acids, vegetable protein and folic acid. This product is made by fermenting the milk of beans. The iron in it prevents anemia.

Tofu also contains calcium, which affects the condition of teeth and bones, and B vitamins, which strengthen memory.

Healthy heart and cancer prevention
By eating tofu cheese, you can avoid problems with blood vessels and the heart. In addition, this product is able to prevent cancer.

In the case of menopause, tofu improves well-being and is absorbed by the body without problems.

Tofu instead of dairyTofu cheese is a source of vitamins, amino acids and protein
If you suffer from an allergy to dairy products, then replace them with tofu. The calcium it contains strengthens teeth and prevents osteoporosis.

Tofu is included in various diets because it includes a minimum of calories. In addition, it quickly relieves hunger, and due to selenium, premature aging is prevented.

Good memory and positive emotions
Doctors advise to use tofu for those who are constantly exposed to negative emotions. The choline and lecithin contained in this product have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Tofu also improves memory.

Naturally, tofu is healthy. But keep in mind that in some cases it can be harmful.

In men, in case of overeating, the concentration of spermatozoa decreases. Women may develop thyroid problems.

Doctors do not recommend overdoing it with the use of tofu for children, otherwise there is a risk of delaying sexual development in adolescence.