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This pretty hairy berry is a source of vitamin K and several B vitamins. Although the debate about whether it is a berry or a fruit continues to this day. Kiwi also contains calcium and iron. An impressive feature of kiwifruit is its richness in vitamin C. One kiwifruit contains over 100% of the recommended daily intake.

Eating kiwi before your workout will give you a lot of energy. This berry also helps to recover during sleep. Eating a couple of kiwi an hour before bedtime improves its quality and duration. Feel free to use kiwi if you are worried about sleep problems.Kiwi

The restorative and energy value of kiwi lies in the content of a large amount of serotonin. This hormone plays an important role in improving the quality of sleep. A full recovery after sleep gives tone at the beginning of the day and promotes muscle growth.

Daily Dose: Eat the berry in any form, with or without the skin. Turn kiwi into puree or add green slices to yogurt or cottage cheese.