Ice cream vs Low fat chia cottage cheese

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Frankly, ice cream is not a healthy product at all. The huge amount of sugar found in ice cream contributes to the buildup of unhealthy fat. This fat triggers digestion, which affects sleep and nullifies body and muscle recovery. Especially if you work hard in the gym a few hours earlier. Ice cream that contains chocolate or caffeine will put the body in a state of alertness, and the hours of going to bed require calmness and reduced activity.Ice cream vs Low fat chia cottage cheese

Alternative: fat-free cottage cheese with chia seeds Fat-free cottage cheese contains casein protein, which is slowly digested. This means that during sleep, the body will be saturated with a sufficient amount of amino acids. Recovery and maintenance of muscle mass will occur throughout the night without negatively affecting sleep itself. And the soluble fiber present in chia forms a gel in the intestines and releases the amino acids in the curd. These fibers also keep you full and won’t leave you hungry before bed.