How to recover after the holidays? Advice for women

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Follow our guide to learn how to recover from the holidays. Holidays make you gain weight. After stormy feasts, a state of fatigue and indifference is observed.

This is affected by fatty foods, holiday pies and a minimum of movement. Extra pounds during the holidays are easy to gain, but getting rid of them is difficult.

Replace alcohol with herbs and tea
After the holidays, do not abruptly go on a harsh diet. It will be more effective to get rid of the gained kilograms gradually. First, eliminate the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, replacing them with herbal infusions and teas.

Replace carbohydrates with vegetable salads seasoned with olive oil. By the way, thanks to tea or water, you can “trick” the stomach and get a feeling of fullness in order to avoid harmful snacks.

Physical education and sports
Do not neglect going to the gym and playing sports. After the holidays, the muscles wean from sports exercises and therefore do not immediately begin to be zealous in training. If you can’t go to the gym, then try to walk more and skip the elevator. Yoga classes also affect the correction of the figure, and you will see the result in a matter of weeks.How to recover after the holidays? Advice for women

To enhance the effect, use creams that promote weight loss. But these funds require not small cash costs, and they can be replaced with almond oil. This will tone the skin and make a lift.

The main thing is not to wait for the result immediately. Be patient. Don’t quit if you don’t see results in a week. During this period, you can go shopping, which not only cheers you up.

Thanks to the right clothes, you can visually emphasize the dignity of the figure. And to hide her flaws, do not resort to bright colors and tight-fitting outfits. It is better to give preference to indifferent colors, straight skirts and trousers, as well as shoes with low heels.

Exercise, proper nutrition and the right clothes will make you slim and beautiful.