What diseases does watermelon treat?

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Watermelon https://greenelly.com/ pulp contains:

fructose, which is perfectly digestible;
mineral salts;
vitamins B1, B2, C and PP;

What diseases does watermelon treat?

9870736 – slices of red watermelon

Thanks to the fiber found in watermelon, “bad” cholesterol is removed from the body, and long-term consumption allows you to get rid of chronic gastritis.

High acidity can be cured with watermelon pulp; to do this, you need to eat watermelon with bread for some time.

Doctors also recommend eating watermelons for Botkin’s disease, obesity, frequent nosebleeds, gout, anemia, atherosclerosis, heart disease and gallbladder disease.

Regular consumption of watermelon helps cleanse the kidneys, remove sand and small stones from it.

Candied fruits are prepared from watermelon rinds and jam is made.