Understanding The Rise Of Veganism

Why Is Everyone Turning Into A Vegan?

Nowadays, we hear a lot of people turning vegans, from celebrities to different health enthusiasts are promoting veganism. What is this vegan diet and why is everyone becoming one? A vegan diet is a diet in which the person tries to exclude animal meat as much as possible. A vegan diet like a non-vegan one is a complete containing fibers, nutrients, vitamins, magnesium and even a small portion of protein.

About 5 percent of the people in America are vegan and slowly the numbers are increasing. There are different reasons for people turning vegan- for religious reasons, for health reasons and some are for animal welfare. Whatever might be the reason veganism has its own benefits.

Benefits Of Veganism

Why Is Everyone Turning Into A Vegan?

Lowers The Risk Of Heart Diseases: 

A vegan diet is high in potassium, which results in lower blood pressure level. Doctors say that a vegan diet has lower fat and cholesterol level. This results in decreasing the risk of heart disease. Although our body needs some amount of cholesterol and that can be made by our body itself.

Weight Loss:

It is proven that vegans tend to lose weight much more easily in comparison to non-vegan eaters. They have lower BMI level due to consuming food rich in fiber, which is great for digestion. Another reason for such weight is the presence of a lower fat level in the food.

Increase In Our Lifespan:

The more fruit and vegetables we eat the lesser amount of toxins we consume. We consume lesser amount of unsaturated fats and cholesterol which in return results in building a better body and helps in living a healthy life.

Slows Down The Ageing Process:

Fruits and vegetables that we eat are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are rich in antioxidants and the content of water in them is high which results in flawless glowing skin. 

Protects Our Body From Cancer:

Research says that vegetarians tend to have a lower risk of cancer in comparison to non-veg eaters. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which have anticarcinogenic properties.

Improves Metabolism:

Foods and Vegetables are easier to digest in comparison to animal meat. The higher the fat content the more difficult it is to digest.

Reduces Depression:

Research says that vegan is much happier than non-vegetarians. They have lower scores on the depression test. As their food is always fresh and organic, they tend to have a positive approach.

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes:

Non-vegans generally have a high level of blood sugar in their body which results in diabetes. So it’s preferable for a diabetic person to follow a vegan diet.

Decreases The Death Rate Of Animals:

The most obvious benefits of veganism are the reduction in the number of animal deaths. The less we consume animal meat and their product the more and more animals will be saved.

Cost Efficient:

Last but not least, people following a vegan diet tend to be saving more money. Non-vegan food is more expensive in comparison to vegetarian food. As the risk of different disease also decreases, which in return decrease our spending. 


It’s not that by following a vegan diet we are missing out on the fun from Life. Vegan food can be as tasty and delicious like a non-vegetarian diet. Though non-vegetarian diets contain some essential oils and vitamins that are needed by our body but overall in this present day scenario it’s preferable to go vegan.

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