Healthy And Tasty Dishes For Your Vegan Breakfast

Some Dishes For Your Vegan Breakfast

After a pleasant night sleep and sufficiently energetic work out session early morning, you must be looking forward to a delicious breakfast. It’s very vital for you to know that breakfast is an essential meal of the day. You should never skip breakfast or eat breakfast after a very long interval. Are you bore of the same bread butter omelet breakfast? You want to switch to something healthy. Try to involve in your breakfast all vegan items. Go for vegan breakfast. To help you with this, I have some easy vegan breakfast recipes for you.

cooked rice with vegetable salad in brown wooden bowl

When you get up the early morning, you have a set routine for yourself-cooking for some people great laziness. They run away from cooking. They say the kitchen is not their place. But who doesn’t like it if it will only for some minutes? Nobody wants to be left behind in the race, whether it is the race of healthy life or lavish life. Everybody is running the race to be the winner. If you are not fit, you cannot win the race. Eating the right food is very important for you.  Your food will decide your future. Don’t spoil your eating habits because this habit can make and break your future. 

We all need everything very fast, that is why we all prefer nowadays, 4g data network. Having a wholesome, nutritious breakfast will keep your energy high the entire day. Eat light food but healthy food. Switching to vegan breakfast can be a good option for you. Vegan breakfast is easy and quick to make. Let me share with you my favorite vegan recipes.

Some Vegan Breakfast Dishes

1. Gram Flour Chilla: It is a very simple and quick recipe. Devote just ten minutes, and your meal is ready. Take one cup of gram flour. Add one small spoon of salt, red chill powder, and a pinch of pepper powder with one tablespoon cooking oil to it. Mix it will keep it away for two minutes to set. Take one onion, half carrot, and one tomato. Grind them with some garlic and ginger. Chop two fresh green chilies in a tiny size. Mix the paste to the batter with the chopped green chilies. Put a pan on flame. Allow it to get hot. Spread the mixture on it in an oval shape. Add some oil on the sides. Cook until you can turn it upside down. Serve it hot with green chutney.

top view salad with guacamole

2.  Poha: Poha is a delicious item. Take one bowl of flat rice. Boil tow potatoes. Boil some green peas. You will need fresh curry leave. Heat a pan. Add oil to the pan and curry leaves. Meanwhile, wash the flat rice in the bowl.  Chop the boiled potatoes. Add the potatoes to the oil pan. Add some turmeric powder. Allow it to turn golden yellow. Add the green peas, one small spoon of salt and sauté them. Add flat rice and mix it will. And finally, add one small spoon of lemon juice. Fix them well and serve hot.

fruit lot on ceramic plate


Cook from your heart. Your food will then become more delicious. Save your time to pick up recipes that can be cook fast. Don’t forget about nutrition. Take up nuts in your diet. All the loops will get filled up. 

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