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Quick and Easy Vegan Curry Recipe

Vegan curry is a tasty and yummy dish. It is very easy to make and it also does not take so much time to cook. It is full of green vegetables that make it even healthier for anyone who eats it. Even people who do not eat vegetables that much will surely love this dish. This is perfect for casual dinner with the family or at formal gatherings, it is very versatile that people will absolutely go crazy over it.

  Some Easy Vegan Curry

People who stay away from home don’t get to eat healthy food. They don’t want to cook because they have no time and most of them also do not have any skills. People who are busy tend to always eat out, but unfortunately, it is not healthy to always consume the type of foods from fast food places and even in restaurants.

Easy Vegan Curry Recipes

1.    Spinach Potato Curry: You will need two bundles of fresh green spinach and two potatoes. Boil the potatoes and chop them afterward. Wash the spinach properly before you chop them. Before you put anything on the pan have it on medium-high heat. Add the oil, some cumin seeds, and red chilis. Put five curry leaves and some chopped ginger. Once they are all mixed, add the diced potatoes with a dash of salt.

Put the chopped spinach in the pan next and then add a glass of water. Sprinkle some turmeric powder before mixing. When you see the spinach has changed its color add the spices. Put half spoon of red chili powder, one small teaspoon cumin powder, and a little teaspoon garam masala. Close the lid and leave to simmer for ten minutes. After ten minutes sprinkle some dry mango powder then mix it well and off the flame. Serve hot with rice or roti.

2.    Green Peas And Carrot Curry:  It will take you only fifteen minutes to cook this curry. Take a big bowl of green peas and three chopped carrots. Heat the pan, put one spoon oil, and add the chopped carrots and green peas in it. Put one teaspoon salt and sprinkle some turmeric powder. Close the lid and let it cook for ten minutes. Once that is done, put half tablespoon red chili powder and garam masala. Finally, after five minutes, add some lime juice and off the flame. Serve it hot with rice and roti.

  Some Easy Vegan Curry
Some Easy Vegan Curry


Do not depend on anyone for your food. You don’t need much time, only ten to fifteen minutes to cook. Take up some simple and easy to cook recipes, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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