Pit Boss Smoker Recipe Healthy Vegetables Guide

pit boss smoker recipe healthy vegetables

Lots of buzz and fanfare have accompanied the announcement of the latest Pit Boss Platinum Sequence. These grills, called “The Next Chapter in BBQ,” provide an impressive blend of features that are unlike anything seen today in the grilling industry. The Lockhart, one of the new grills, features a drive first: a Pellet Grill powered by Bluetooth with an Upper Smoking Cabinet and PID Controller. Some are left curious about how to utilize the upper smoking cabinet of Lockhart to its maximum capacity. We hope that this blog addresses people’s concerns regarding the latest functionality and how to bring the most out of their new barbecue.

What’s The Upper Cabinet For Smoking And What Does It Do?

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The upper smoking cabinet allows more space, power, and cooking choices than ever before for The Lockhart users. In the upper cabinet, users will cold smoke, hot smoke, and even bake. Meat hooks often come with the Platinum Series Lockhart, enabling consumers to hang meat as it burns. Smoke and heat are spread more uniformly across the core’s more expansive surfaces. It also helps extract moisture from the beef’s surface, decreasing cooking time in the long term.

What Is Smoking In The Cold?

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The method of smoking food at temperatures between 68 – 86 °F is cold smoking. The food is not cooked; it only infuses the taste of smoke into it. If you smoke pork, for instance, you’re going to have to heal it. Making gourmet smoked cheese in your backyard is a fairly straightforward operation. Cover your burgers with cold-smoked cheese and give your cheeseburgers a whole new degree of taste.

On The Lockhart, How To Vape Cold?

Set your grill to the SMOKE mode and open the upper cabinet air vents. For cold smoking, this will cause enough smoke to flow through to the cabinet. Make sure outdoor temperatures remain below 90 °F when smoking cold. High ambient temps may influence average smoking performance, and the cheese can theoretically melt.

Why do Fire And Smoke penetrate the Upper Cabinet?

One factor to bear in mind is that an exact heat supply is not present in the upper cabinet. Heat and smoke from the burn pot will flow through by opening the air vents from the lower grill to the upper cabinet. With the top dampers, monitor the volume of smoke (never leave them fully closed, however.)

A Little About Louisiana Barbecue

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Summation Up

Go down to the nearest Walmart Supercenter and see the latest Platinum Series grills on show, like the Lockhart Platinum Series, for you. You’ll know that the Pit Boss Platinum Sequence is The Next Chapter of BBQ with all of the groundbreaking new features.

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