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Ice cream vs Low fat chia cottage cheese

Frankly, ice cream is not a healthy product at all. The huge amount of sugar found in ice cream contributes to the buildup of unhealthy fat. This fat triggers digestion, which affects sleep and nullifies body and muscle recovery. Especially if you work hard in the gym a few hours earlier. Ice cream that contains…

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Flakes vs Plain popcorn

Some people like to squeeze in a bowl or two of cereal at night, which is more suitable for breakfast. Such a habit is fraught with the fact that the stomach can increase as much as 6 times! The main problem with cereal boxes is the high sugar content. This also applies to boxes with…

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Dark Chocolate vs Carob

In recent years, dark chocolate has become popular because of the widespread information about its content of antioxidants and hormones of joy. It is desirable to transfer the use of chocolate to the daytime. It is a natural source of stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine, which disrupt sleep and stimulate the nervous system….

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Greek yogurt with spinach: Healthy skin recipe

This simple recipe will help maintain healthy skin and hair. Eat Greek yogurt with spinach for breakfast for a healthy boost. Before preparing this delicious dish, check out the benefits of the ingredients in this recipe: Garlic is high in sulfur which keeps the skin healthy and makes the hair shinier. Green onions –…

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This pretty hairy berry is a source of vitamin K and several B vitamins. Although the debate about whether it is a berry or a fruit continues to this day. Kiwi also contains calcium and iron. An impressive feature of kiwifruit is its richness in vitamin C. One kiwifruit contains over 100% of the…

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The benefits of watermelon are obvious. Make watermelon part of your summer diet to reach your required PR in the gym. Citrulline is needed for muscle training. Supplementing the body with just 6-8 grams of citrulline prior to exercise improves circulation. This has a positive effect on performance under heavy load. Pain and fatigue…

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Strawberries are one of the most delicious and affordable summer berries. It is loaded with vitamin C and rich in phenolic compounds, which contain antioxidants. This combination increases healthy blood flow. As a result of heavy physical exertion, free radicals are formed. A diet rich in antioxidants fights free radicals. This increases the chances…

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Energy banana shake

Banana Energy Shake is tasty, nutritious and simple. To prepare it, you only need a couple of free minutes. Ingredients 1 banana (2 if thicker) 3-4 strawberries, can be frozen 400 milk or kefir optional Cooking method Throw all this into a blender and mix for 15-20 seconds. Voila! Feel free to drink in…

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5 ways to eat right

To start eating healthy and improve your health, check out these 5 ways to eat right. 1. Hydrate your body Dehydration sometimes causes problems with the body. Lack of energy, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, and cravings for sweets are signs of a lack of water. You need to drink enough water every day. If you…

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Can a vegetarian be a good athlete?

Vegetarianism and sports are possible. There are many examples of vegetarian athletes who have high rankings. At the same time, they continue to delight the fans with high results. Can a vegetarian be a good athlete? Quite. Mike Tyson Robert Parish Carl Lewis Bruce Lee Timothy Bradley Muhammad Ali Dan Millman Rosalyn Sumners And this…

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