Make A Healthy Veggie Burger Recipe

healthy veggie burger recipe

Have you ever wondered if a healthy veggie burger recipe can actually be made with healthy ingredients? You might be surprised by the answer. After all, most of the burgers you will find in your local burger joint are probably packed with saturated fat, high cholesterol, and all of the unhealthy chemicals that are used to add flavor to them.

You might think that a healthy veggie burger recipe has to include all sorts of unhealthy additives. But it does not have to. There are plenty of delicious and healthy recipes for veggie burgers available in the market today.

Easy To Make : Healthy Veggie Burger Recipe

The good thing about these healthy recipes is that they are really quite easy to make. There is no need for special equipment in order to cook healthy veggie burgers. All you need is a skillet, a couple of different vegetables, some spices, and a little creativity. So what do you need to make a delicious veggie burger?

Procedure Of Making The Burger

For starters, you need to get some whole wheat buns. These can be bought at your local market or online from some health food stores. They will be quite expensive, so you might want to try making your own buns at home instead.

Then you will need to get some garlic powder. This is a very easy spice to use. Garlic powder is sold in different flavors online, so you should easily be able to find one that you like. Most often people like to use onion powder, but that can also be a great choice.

It is a good idea to get some cilantro as well. In fact, it would be a good idea to get any green vegetables as well. A salad is always a better alternative than a burger, and this is especially true when you include vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers in your healthy veggie burger recipe.

Along with the healthy veggie burger recipe, you will also need to get some cheese. You can purchase this already sliced, or you can just buy it grated. It is not necessary for every burger that you are going to cook. create, but it certainly will make a difference if you do.

The next step to creating a healthy veggie burger recipe is to cut up your vegetables. Once you have all of them sliced, it is time to cook them. Just cook them in the same pan over the hot skillet until they are cooked through.

Garnishing With Extra Toppings And Sides

You can add onions rings and bell peppers to your burgers once they are cooked. You can also add some salsa to the top of your burger to make them a little spicy. If you have children, make sure you let them eat them too.

When you are done cooking your healthy veggie burger recipe, it is time to serve it up. Serve it up on a bun, or with a side of fries, and watch as everyone devours it!

You can also make these healthy veggie burgers even tastier by adding more of the healthier ingredients, like garlic powder and onion powder. These things work very well together, so adding these little things will help the taste to be much more palatable to your taste buds.

Summing Up

Remember, this is only one of many healthy veggie burgers available. However, if you want to help yourself lose weight, lose the extra pounds, and feel better about yourself, you may want to give this healthy veggie burger recipe a try.

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