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Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid

Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid

Many people struggling with obesity often found that in spite of following a healthy diet and exercise regime, they fail to lose weight. It is because the food that they think is healthy is not actually. Hidden fats, sugar, salt are hidden in many foods and drinks, which seem healthy apparently. These foods ruin all your effort for weight loss. Instead, it increases your cravings sometimes.

Here are five common mistakes that might be preventing you from getting a healthier lifestyle and a perfect body weight.

Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid
Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid

All Salads Are Not Appropriate For Those Who Are On A Mission To Lose Weight 

Vegetables are good for our health, but the other ingredients that we use in the green salad sometimes create barriers to shed the extra fat. The bacon, cheese contain High KiloJoule(KJ) that stops us from burning fat. The creamy layer that is frequently used for dressing enhances the taste but increases the calorie count at the same time.

So, be aware of the fact that sauces, dressings, gravies add extra KJ to your food.

What We Take As Healthy Snacks More Often Contains High KJ

When we are on a weight loss program, we eat biscuits, chocolates, chips, cookies, which do not contain any vital food nutrients but the right amount of KJ. We need to do away with those from our diet.

Many of us replace junk food with ‘healthy snacks’ like protein balls, muesli bars. Though the manufacturers claim it to be healthy, it is wise to avoid any processed, ready to eat foods as they generally have the high-calorie content.

Natural Sweeteners Are No Lesser Than Sugar To Add Calorie To Your Food

Now it is the trend of substituting the sugar with a natural sweetener. Using honey or agave syrup may change the taste of the food, but it is equally harmful as it does not contain any vital nutrients. Instead, you can add some fruits which are naturally sweet and have essential vitamins and nutrients.

You can reduce the amount of sugar to the tea or coffee to get a better result. Alternatively, you can use soy milk to your tea/coffee, which is sweeter than cow’s milk. But you will need some time to get used to it.  

Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid
Lose Weight: 5 Food Mistakes To Avoid

Lose Weight – Drinks Don’t Have Many Kilojoules

We all know that the sweet soft drinks are strictly a no-no for those who are trying to lose weight. But what we don’t know that alcoholic drinks are rich in Kjs too. One serving of red wine like the restaurant contains 480 Kj. And the same applies to beer also.

If you seriously want to work on your weight, stay away from it.

Fruit-Based Foods Are Very Healthy And Help Lose Weight

It is also not true. Banana is highly enriched with KJ. So, banana bread will add a significant amount of calories. Not only this, any fruit drinks available in the market have high sugar content. Fruit smoothies also contain ice creams. Packaged fruit juices also have added flavor and sweetener.

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