Light Up Your Life with a Shelf Liner! Stay Organized Day in and Day Out! Offers Superior Protection

If you like your stationery, cutlery, cosmetics, or any other group of things for that matter, fully organized and secured in place without them constantly falling off only to be misplaced the next day, then this product is just for you! In this article, we shall be seeing the pros and cons of moisture-proof and anti-slip covers that can be used for shelves, countertops, and tables, among many others, so let’s dive right in!

Moisture-Proof And Anti-Slip Cover For Shelves, Countertops, Tables

These multi-purposeful moisture-proof and anti-slip covers are made using EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)-an elastomeric polymer that produces materials that are “rubber-like” in its softness and flexibility, provide a firm grip to all the objects placed above it to prevent them from slipping by keeping them in place instead. By using these covers, objects will not wander helplessly inside drawers, and the possibilities of china dishes and/or glass cutlery accidentally falling only to break into a hundred irreversible pieces are non-existent. They are extremely useful and convenient since they can be used just about anywhere and can even be personally customized as per one’s individual preference and allocated purpose for the sheets according to the dimensions of where it is going to be placed simply by cutting them according to the measurements of the same. 

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  • Material EVA
  • Feature waterproof paper
  • Scope of use kitchen mat
  • Scope of use 2 carpet for drawer
  • Used for kitchen
  • Feature 1 slipmat to test moisture fridge
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  • These sheets not only absorb moisture and avoid slippage of items, but are also waterproof.
  • They can be reused by simply washing them when the dirt starts to collect.
  • They are cheap and easy to find due to the amplified demand they carry in the market.
  • They prevent the formation of bacteria and are non-sticky, making it easier and quicker to take things and return them to their original spot.
  • They can also act as a decor item due to the multiple vibrant colors they are available in and can even be used for journaling if cut accordingly. 
  • It prevents damages and scratches from occurring on any of the items or objects placed directly over it. 
  • They are temperature resistant, which makes them ideal to use in refrigerators. 
  • They are portable and durable in nature. 
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  • Most of these anti-proof and anti-slip covers are manufactured without an adhesive.
  • If you have butterfingers, you can subconsciously rip them apart without even noticing. 


Dust and dirt are unwelcome in every household. However, regular cleaning of every nook and corner of every room present in one’s home can be quite the hassle especially for working spouses, therefore, an easier alternative to this is most definitely the usage of these anti-slip covers that absorbs all the accumulated moisture and dirt present in the atmosphere and items, leaving a cleaner home for everyone one step at a time!

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