Keto Grilled Vegetables – How To Prepare Them For A Healthy Diet

keto grilled vegetables

However, grilling vegetables is not really an easy task if you do not know how to go about it. If you are in doubt, you can ask a friend who knows how to properly grill something so you can try out your own methods and techniques. Just follow these simple tips on how to grill your vegetables for a more pleasurable meal that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Choose The Best Vegetables To Be Grilled

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It is important that you choose the best vegetables to be grilled. Grilled vegetables can be raw or cooked. Raw vegetables are healthier compared to cooked ones since the nutrients are still locked in them. However, if you opt to go with raw vegetables, make sure that it is still crisp and not mushy. Cooked vegetables should still be tender and still hold their shapes.

If you are going to grill your vegetables, make sure that you select ones that are healthy such as cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, celery, snap peas, turnips and other leafy vegetables. Avoid grilling meat as it will add fat onto your diet and you may end up gaining even more weight. Although many might think that lean meats are good for keto diets, this does not mean that you should never eat meat at all. You can simply have them grilled, so you will get the protein without adding too much fats.

Important To Make Sure That You Use Oil

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When grilling your vegetables, it is also important to make sure that you use oil. Too much of oil can ruin the crispiness of your grilled meat. So make sure to choose a low-fat oil like olive oil if you want to go for grilled vegetables. Aside from that, make sure that the vegetables are rinsed properly before putting them on a plate. Dry them first to remove the juice or water left from the grilled meat.

When you have finished grilling your vegetables, you should serve them with some bread. This is because bread does not actually contain fat. Even if you are going for a low-carb diet, you should include bread in your daily menu. It helps in taking in essential vitamins like folic acid, which is crucial in metabolizing bad cholesterol. You can also take a slice of whole grain bread, which is significantly lower in carbohydrates than your average loaf of white bread.

Make Sure To Add Some Lime Or Lemon Juice

For the dip, make sure to add some lime or lemon juice to it. Just make sure to squeeze out the juice or you may end up with raw vegetables and raw meat in your dip. Another great thing with grilled vegetables is that you can marinate them for an hour or two and then serve them with tortilla chips or just some plain, cold salads. If you want to make something different, try marinating them overnight in soy sauce.

Bottom Line

Although you might be depriving yourself of one of the most delicious foods available, you can’t expect it to be healthy all the time. Grilled vegetables are healthy, but they need to be prepared the right way. Always use olive oil when cooking. And make sure to make sure that the marinade has enough vinegar so that the vegetables can soak up all the extra juice. That’s how to prepare a keto diet meal that will be healthy for you.

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