Tips On Making Vegan Butter

Butter is that kind of ingredient which is most commonly used in baking and cooking. It is a dairy product so vegans can not use it. Which is why vegans have made their own version of regular butter. Many vegan baked products have used this vegan butter. In case you have converted yourself as a vegan, then it’s not that easy to follow a completely vegan diet. Moreover, in this journey, if you have missed the butter, then this article is for you.

How To Make Vegan Butter
How To Make Vegan Butter

This is creamy, rich, and spreads just like regular dairy butter. It will make your food a lot tastier you can use it on toast, pies or puff pastry. However, the homemade vegan butter recipe is a better alternative to traditional. Also, this is made with real fresh ingredients without any preservatives.

Vegan Butter

This butter is a replacement for those who used to love standard dairy milk butter. This has the same silkiness, texture and has sort of the same flavor as regular butter. This homemade vegan butter is creamy and has a rich flavor. It feels the same as regular butter on a crispy toast. This homemade butter is much better than the ones you get from the marketplace. It has the same softness and rich flavor as of ground almonds, apple juice vinegar, and yeast.

Vegan Butter Recipe

This homemade recipe is free of palm oil and preservatives. It’s smooth, rich, and it spreads and melts like regular butter, and it only takes 30 minutes to make. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for preparation and 10 to 15 minutes to make butter.

What You Need

How To Make Vegan Butter
How To Make Vegan Butter

It requires an almond meal

Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil

Refined coconut oil

Non-dairy milk

Nutritional yeast


and, turmeric

Making The Vegan Butter

Take a blender and put almond flour, dietary yeast, salt, and coconut vinegar then blend it well.

The paste should be smooth with no grainy bits.

Now pour coconut oil (refined) and avocado oil at that point mix on full speed until smooth.

Mix the blend for 2 minutes so that air gets in.

Take the mold and pour the whole batter into the mold.

Please keep it in the fridge and let the poured butter set.

After a few hours, your homemade butter is ready to eat with toast.

This is known to be much healthier than regular butter because it does not contain cholesterol in it. It depends upon the vegan butter makers that they add healthier fatty acid. Few reports say that people who do not consider fellow veganism also like plant-based butter. This butter is smooth and rich in flavor.

How To Make Vegan Butter Or Plant Based Butter
How To Make Vegan Butter Or Plant-Based Butter

The recipe above is a very easy one with no much effort. However, remember that when you make it at home do not form in vast quantity. It is because it can only last up to two weeks maximum because it does not contain any preservative. I hope you like this easy recipe, and if you love butter, then you must try this right away.  

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