How to lose weight during the holidays – 6 effective ways

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How to avoid excess weight during the holidays? Below are 6 effective ways. There are many risks of accumulating extra pounds during the holidays. The vast majority of people find it difficult to refuse the delicious food and drink that abounds on holiday tables. But you know what? You don’t have to give up!

Forget the denial and follow these scientific strategies to enjoy a healthy time of the year without the risk of losing weight with long, exhausting workouts and diets.

1. Eat mindfully
The brain takes time to respond to satiety signals that say:

Stop eating! You are complete!

They are either drowned out by desire due to greater appetite, or because we do not give the body the opportunity to respond. The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy every delectable meal to the fullest. Most importantly, eat mindfully.

Chew slowly and focus on the process. As a result, you will eat less overall and experience less stomach pain from overconsumption. It might be worth considering sticking with the Okinawan proverb “Hara Hachi Bu”, which roughly means:

Eat until you are 80% full

After all, this traditional dietary habit helped Okinawans be among the world’s longest-lived people.

2. Drink water
Liquid calories make a significant contribution to daily energy intake. Especially during the festive season, when we are subject to copious drinking. The body does not understand very well that calories in liquid form contribute to fullness. Therefore, people tend to power them as additional ones. Choosing water over an alcoholic or sugary drink means you consume fewer calories.

3. Focus on vegetables and fruits
Typically, holiday treats are high in calories and sugar, and rarely include light, healthy snacks like vegetables and fruits.

Eat more vegetables and fruitsHow to lose weight during the holidays - 6 effective ways

This may sound like hackneyed advice. But there are many ways to prepare plant-based dishes for the holiday table to diversify the dishes. They will help improve nutrition and control calories. For example:

Spinach salad with ruby red pomegranates and crispy roasted almonds.
Fried zucchini flour with raspberry cranberries and onions.
Spicy arugula with figs and pine nuts in a spicy vinaigrette.
And why not prepare fruit for dessert instead of harmful sweets and red wine from boiled pears with blackberries instead of destructive alcohol?

4. Use small plates and cups
Choosing smaller plates and cups results in less food and drink being consumed. Try to cover the festive table with dishes with a smaller capacity. In addition, it will save space on the table. The choice of small plates is especially important in a buffet situation, which is varied and takes into account all the tasty options for eating. Smaller portions also mean you’re more likely to finish your meal, which means less food waste.

5. Watch your weight
Weight gain occurs gradually. Check your weight daily or several times a week. This is the easiest way to determine how the holidays went for the body. Gaining weight around the waist is especially detrimental due to its inflammatory effect, so keeping track of how your clothes fit your body throughout the season is key.

6. Get out and exercise
Weight gain is a simple equation. Eating more calories than you burn will result in energy being stored as fat. Thus, the other side of the energy balance – physical activity – should be on the must-do list for the holidays.

Staying fit is a challenge during the holidays, but the fact remains that we need to increase activity to make up for the extra calories we consume. Find out what works for you in training and stick to the plan.