How to freeze red currants with and without sugar

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To enjoy the bright flavor of red currants during the cold winter months, freeze them as a puree with sugar or whole berries, without sugar. Frozen berries are useful for baking. Here is a step-by-step algorithm on how to make a blank:

Rinse the currants thoroughly in a colander, remove all branches;
Place clean berries in a blender, add sugar and blend until pureed;
Pour this puree into a plastic container and close it with a lid.How to freeze red currants with and without sugar
Place the workpiece in the freezer.

Recipe for freezing whole berries

You can freeze the berries whole and without sugar. The method is very simple:

Wash the red currants, remove the stems and leave to dry on a clean towel.
Place the dried berries on a flat board or tray and place in the freezer.
When the currants are completely frozen, transfer them to a container and put them in the freezer for later use.