Good Vegetables For Keto – Easy To Make Recipes

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For many people starting on the keto diet, good vegetables are something they have to make due diligence about. First off, they have to be very low glycemic foods so that they don’t spike your blood sugar too quickly and keep you from feeling satisfied. Good vegetables for keto diets are also generally full of vitamins and nutrients. This means that you get more of the vitamins and minerals you need which will help your body function as a whole.

 Excellent Sources Of Nutrition 

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There are plenty of vegetables out there that are excellent sources of nutrition that are good for weight loss and burning fat. Some people may even be surprised to learn that some of their favorite pastimes can be turned into great meals while on the diet. Surprisingly, spinach is one of those vegetables that is a natural fat burner. Spardines too are very low glycemic vegetables, which are ideal if you’re trying to limit your sugar intake. In addition, there are many other leafy green vegetables that can be used in to recipes as well.

It’s important to remember though that vegetables are not all good for you. While some are good for you others are not. The only vegetable that should be avoided in favor of other vegetables is sugar. If you can’t avoid it be sure to at least limit it to small amounts in any recipe you cook. High sugar content vegetables such as potatoes can actually increase your insulin level which will cause you to feel hungry and craving more even when you’re not really hungry.

Use Sugar In Moderation

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If you’re not going to eliminate sugar from your diet then you can use it in moderation. Some good alternatives for sweets are low calorie sweeteners. You can get these at any grocery store and they won’t affect your ketone levels like artificial sweeteners will. Some other good vegetables for your keto meal plan would be cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, squash, asparagus and cucumber. All of these vegetables have a very low glycemic index, so they are great for lowering blood sugar as well as keeping your weight in check.

Good Fats Goes Well With Keto Vegetables

Another thing that goes well with keto vegetables is good fats. This means good oils like olive oil and omega 3s. These can be used on a salad or in a low carb diet plan like the South Beach diet. Be careful though, as the government warns against using soy based products for this reason. Some of the fats you’ll want to eat are olives, mayonnaise, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats.

The next tip I have for you if you want to eat healthy and lose weight on a keto diet is to drink plenty of water. Water fills you up and keeps you hydrated which helps you to be able to stick to your diet plan. This is especially important if you’re eating a big dinner. With a large meal you can easily overeat and then not be able to keep up with your plan. A big dinner with a big dessert can easily lead to overeating and this will definitely lead to failure on your diet if you are not careful.

Summing Up 

Now you know how to find good vegetables for keto. Now let’s move onto some easy to make recipes. You can make a simple meal using chicken salad greens and Swiss chard as your main source of protein. Just remember to keep your portions small and enjoy the benefits of eating low carb friendly foods.

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