Chopping Vegetables: The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Make

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We all know that preparing the process of any dish consumes more time than cooking that dish. And it requires a few kitchen skills. But there are few mistakes those we make during chopping vegetables. And for perfect vegetable cutting, you need to follow a few things. Therefore here we have the six biggest mistakes you make chopping vegetables.

Chopping Vegetables
Chopping Vegetables

Mistakes You Make While Chopping Vegetables 

Choosing The Wrong Knife

Remember for vegetable chopping you need a sharp knife. Knives are essential for the kitchen, so they always choose the best knife. Sharp knives do not need to exert pressure to cut veggies. So for that, you need a wide-bladed knife which is powerful and sturdy. Also, it can easily cut hard vegetables with ease.

Don’t Use A Dull knife

Dull knives are not good for chopping or cutting anything. With the dull knife, you need to work hard to get pieces with blunt edges. And not only this using a dull knife is not good for you as well you might hurt yourself while using a dull knife. Its dangers to using a dull knife because it can slip sideways and you might cut yourself badly. Therefore, don’t use a dull knife; it will not help you in chopping your vegetables or fruits.  

Choosing the Wrong Cutting Board While Chopping Vegetables

Choosing the right cutting board is very also important because if you chose the wrong cutting board, it would affect your slicing. Mostly chopping or cutting boards made of hard plastic, wood, glass, and bamboo. It’s too hard to use the dull knife on chopping or cutting board because it can slip and you might hurt yourself.

While buying the chopping board, you have to see that your chopping board sits securely on the countertop. In case it’s moving during your work then that’s not the right chopping board for you. Also, you have to see its durability.

Not Creating A Flat Surface For Cutting

Chopping Vegetables
Chopping Vegetables

Creating a flat surface is very important for chopping. There are many vegetables and fruits that are round, and they easily slip. Therefore, you need to create a flat surface for vegetables like cucumber, carrot, etc. This will keep your vegetables sturdy when you were slicing them. It’s like when you are chopping cucumber cut it into half first then you can easily chop it. And after cutting in half the chopping board is required and it’s essential.

Exposing Your Fingernails While Chopping Vegetables

While cutting or chopping, exposing your fingers is not good at all. But still, we all do this thing. Exposing your figures can hurt you while chopping with a dull knife. The knife is not for playing; you need to be very careful while using it. For protection, you can use many kitchen safety gear, but some of them are very expensive. The best thing to do is be alert, use proper knife and chopping board.   

Failing To Cut Same Size Pieces

Cutting vegetables in small sizes is not a difficult task but cutting vegetables in the same size is a difficult task. And almost all fail to cut the same size pieces. Even cut vegetables lead to giving you better cooking results. It’s difficult to cook if the pieces are not equally cut because it results in you overcook or undercook the different pieces.

These are a few common mistakes that we make while chopping vegetables.

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