A Healthy Chicken And Vegetables Recipe That Your Family Will Love

healthy chicken and vegetables recipe

There are literally hundreds of different recipes that can be adapted for chicken and vegetables. This means that there is something for everyone – people who are dieting, those that want to eat healthier, and those who have special dietary needs to name a few.

For starters, a healthy chicken and vegetables meal is a fantastic way to get your kids to start eating vegetables. Children usually have very fussy eaters. They either don’t like the taste of the cooked food or they just don’t like the way it looks. By making a healthy chicken and vegetables dinner, they will be on their way to enjoying a nutritious meal that tastes great and is good for them!

A Meatless Pasta Sauce

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One easy way to make a healthy meal is to use a meatless pasta sauce. Many people have never cooked with real pasta sauce and this is a chance to change that. You can find many healthy recipes on the internet or in many book stores and even in some grocery stores.

Use light seasonings such as garlic powder and reduced fat milk to give your pasta recipe a bit of a kick. Then top with your favorite vegetables and you will have a delicious and healthy meal that the entire family will love! Kids will especially love this type of meal because they can eat it without any guilt.

Top Your Meal With A Tossed Salad

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Another way to make a healthy chicken and vegetables dish is to top your meal with a tossed salad. Tossed salads are a wonderful way to add some color and flavor to your meal as well as a ton of nutrients! Add sliced tomatoes, chopped zucchini, cucumbers, red onions, baby carrots, broccoli, eggplant, and asparagus to your salad and you have a delicious and colorful dish to serve.

Make sure to choose raw vegetables if you don’t like them cooked. Your guests will love how good your chicken and vegetables taste and you will love the delicious crunch of the vegetables. This will really be a hit at your next tailgate party!

A Variety Of Lean Meats

A healthy chicken and vegetables recipe also needs to have a variety of lean meats so you can get more protein into your diet. When choosing poultry, make sure that it is not processed. Chicken breast, ground beef, turkey, and lamb all make great choices for a dinner that the whole family will love.

If you are going to make a roast, make sure to use skinless poultry and let the roast sit overnight in the refrigerator so that it is tender the next morning. After roasting, pull the poultry off the bone and shred the insides before serving.

Always Throw Some Veggies Into The Mix

If you are a little more ambitious, you can always throw some veggies into the mix. Carrots, beets, celery sticks, and other leafy green vegetables make a tasty addition to a healthy chicken and vegetables meal. You can serve these as small salads or you can sprinkle them onto a baked potato or sub squash into the meat.

No matter what you serve your family, they are going to love the way you prepare it. Vegetables are simply easy to prepare and are much less fattening than meat. This can be especially important during the holidays when people are trying to keep their diet low and carbohydrates low.

Time To Enjoy The Family And Your Friends

The hardest part about preparing this healthy recipe is probably the prep. Making vegetables part of your meal means that you are going to have to go to the store a few times to pick up some fresh produce.

It’s also pretty easy to cook a variety of vegetables in one pot since you can use different types at different times. This will allow you to have a delicious meal that everyone is raving about without having to do any cooking at all. This will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the family and your friends.

Final Words

Another good thing about this healthy chicken and vegetables recipe is that you can adjust it to make it as low fat or as high fat as you want it to be. There is a reason that chili is so popular and you can easily make your own chili with the spices that you have in your kitchen. You can use mild, medium or hot peppers and eliminate the sugar and salt that you use to season the chili. You will still have a delicious dish and you will still be saving tons of money, since you will be using your own fresh ingredients.

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