5 Healthy Side Dishes That Are Delicious And Easy To Make

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Health is everything. This era is more about health consciousness. But it is not that easy to make and then eat healthy food. Eating only cannot fulfill the need for every nutrient in your body. But pairing main dishes with tasty and healthy side dishes can boost the nutrition of your mean. A good selection of healthy side dishes can be a help. Adding healthy diet dishes to your meals that take no time to make makes your living easier. Veggies nourish your body with important nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are key to good health.

5 Top Notch Healthy Side Dishes That Will Make Your Day

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Steamed Green Beans With Lemon

Steam green beans are one of the tastiest and healthy side dishes. It can go with any meal like pasta, salmon, meatloaf, etc. It is not very easy to make but also takes only 10 minutes to make. The flavor of lemon with crispy bright green beans is loved by everyone. To make them you have to trim the green beans and boil them. Then season them with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice to add flavors. 

Vegetarian Chickpeas

Chickpeas are loaded with proteins and fibers. Eating chickpeas that are soaked overnight boost your immunity and protect you from various diseases. But vegetarian chickpeas as a healthy side dish are no less. They take only 15 minutes to be prepared and are packed with nourishment. To make them, you have to add chickpeas to a pot with all the flavors, olive oil, onion, tomato, etc. And steam them at medium flame. 

Indian Broccoli Junka

If you are looking to cut the fats without compromising your nourishment, broccoli is the best for this. Broccoli is enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, the broccoli dish is one of the most healthy side dishes. It is spicy, simple to make, and needs only a few ingredients. 

Easy Curried Cauliflower

Curry is a staple of Indian Cuisine with lots of spices and flavors. It can go with many dishes, veggies like cauliflower, beans roti, rice, etc. Curried cauliflower is a quick and delicious healthy side dish. It takes only 20 minutes to make. To add more proteins to your curry, you can also put kidney beans, lentils, etc in it.

Potato Veggies

Potatoes are enriched with potassium, Fibers, and starch. They are best to eat post-workout meals as they easily replenish the electrolytes. Potato veggies are packed with spices and flavors. To make this healthy side dish, you have to boil the potatoes. Then cook them in a pan with oil, turmeric, coriander, and other spices and your potato veggies are ready to serve in just 5 minutes. 


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Eating healthy nowadays is the top priority of everyone. A single dish may not be able to complete your body’s nourishment but healthy side dishes along with them can fulfill all your nutrient needs

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